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It is not hard to be inspired by Rio De Janeiro. There’s something about the city, splayed along a band of turquoise beaches. The curve of yellow sand. The Mountains jutting into the sky. So it’s not a surprise that, in Rio, artist Fabio Nery found his muse—and it was the city itself.

Born in the suburbs of the city, Fabio showed an interested in painting at the early age of seven. As a teenager, he’d experiment with color, dabbling in painting with oil. But when the chemicals in oil paints gave him a host of allergies, he abandoned the medium and took up acrylics instead. Although he studied engineering for numerous years, art never left his mind, and he strove to infuse his artistry into every project he took on.

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Creative Development

In 1991, shortly after Fabio had joined the Brazilian army, his first daughter was born. To a 22-year-old Fabio, his daughter’s birth was a turning point in his career. Becoming a father not only forced him to mature, it also unfurled his creativity. Art became a possibility, a prospect, a what-if. In 2014, a prominent businessman and art collector, upon seeing Fabio’s work, commissioned him to paint 26 portraits of his family members. It took Fabio about a year to finish the project, but by the end of it, he was certain—painting was what he wanted to do. Luckily for him, the stint led to another, and then another. Soon enough, Fabio found himself becoming the go-to portrait artist for the upper echelons of Brazilian society.

Learning from Cuban artist Julio Pirot and drawing inspiration from art giants like Joan Miró and Da Vinci, Fabio began carving his own path in the arena. His passion reflected in every subject to which he turned his hand. And even more importantly, his colorful and vibrant palette became his signature stamp—something people would see, appreciate and admire in exhibition halls across Rio.

Tribute to Rio

For Fabio, it was significant—crucial, even—to render homage to the riches of Rio’s landscape. His paintings, even those of San Francisco and New York City, have Brazilian undertones, springing from a place of love for his country. But the most popular of the bunch are his depictions of parrots, a collection he’s now introducing to the United States. The large, primary-colored paintings are an immediate portal to the Amazon rainforest. Though technically still, the birds portrayed in Fabio’s work are uncanny in their movement. There’s the macaw twisting to clean its feathers, its claws wrapped around a branch. There’s one sporting hues of blue on its plumage. There’s another lashed by the wind mid-flight, its tangerine-orange wings just about to beat. And you can almost feel its rhythm, speed and weight. You can even anticipate its squawk. That’s the genius of Fabio’s work—the energy he captures with his brush, a testament to his skills and the infinite love he holds for his country.

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